Oppmez Rigging has successfully moved, relocated, and installed a large portion of printing presses throughout the nation. Whether your press is a small two color press in the bottom of a building, or a large web press, Oppmez has the equipment to move your printing press.

We have assist climbers that can be utilized to bring smaller presses out of basements and negotiate stairs. In addition, we have larger forklifts with overhead booms to install medium size printing equipment. For large printing equipment, we utilize a 250 ton gantry to set up roll or sheet fed web presses. Not only are the gantry’s hydrostatically self-propelled to set each color unit over the foundation, we also have side shift capabilities for precision alignment during your installation process.

Oppmez also has two hydraulic lift gate trucks with 10,000 lb. lift capacity that can be utilized load your press, from grade, into a box or panel truck without the need for a forklift or crane. Furthermore, we maintain several side curtain trailers that will also protect your equipment from the elements during transit.

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